About Kyoto Hostel Network

We will offer clean, comfortable and secure hostels for all travellers.

Kyoto Hostel Network ( KHN ) was founded by hostel owners in 2005 to conduct a project to complete a city map for foreign travellers. The project included thorough field surveys to gather important and useful information for foreign travellers, e.g., vegetarian restaurants with English menus, ATMs which accept foreign credit cards, and book stores selling foreign books. The map is called " Kyoto Map for Backpackers".

Kyoto Tourist Map
After holding a number of the meetings for the map, we began to share our experiences and ideas regarding hostel management amongst the members. We then spontaneously came to expect more gatherings on a regular basis. From this stage on, KHN became an organization, not only for the map, but also for discussing a variety of issues emerging from day-to-day hostel management. We also hope to promote our hostels as a new style of accommodation to all international and local travellers.

Hostels as a new style accommodation We differentiate our management style from other types of accommodation ( hotel, ryokan, etc. ) for the following reasons: Whereas hotel and ryokan focus on private lodging style, we encourage our guests and staff to communicate with each other and share their travel experiences and cultural values. Most of our members have personal experience backpacking domestically and internationally. Through the experiences, we found that meeting people is a large part of travel experiences and enjoyment. Our hostel management focus is, therefore, on people-to-people communication.

We are proud to provide a place where our guests from all over the world can enjoy meeting people as much as a base for wandering the romantic ancient capital city of Japan.

Chairman of KHN Yuri ASADA (Nagomi No Wa)

Chairman of KHN